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Workpackage 07

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Large animal models for OA.

WP leader: ARI (Members)

Partners invovlved: TUM (Members), NUI Galway (Members), BIM (Members), EMC (Members), INRC (Members), INSERM (Members)

In this WP, depending on the out come of WP3 (inflammation), WP4 (cartilage) and WP5 (bone) a large animal models (goat) is proposed to assess osteochondral repair. Ideally, if the WPs 3-5 will be successful in identifying the best conditions to repair cartilage and bone and to release the anti-inflammatory molecule, the animal model we will propose will be an osteochondral defect in the femoral condyle of the goat. Alternatively, specific models addressing cartilage or bone repair separately or modulating inflammation will be proposed.

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