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Biomatlante (BIM)

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BIM.jpgGeneral description: Established in 1995, Biomatlante develops, manufactures and commercializes synthetic bone substitutes used in orthopaedic, spine, maxillo facial and dental surgery fields. The company currently employs 48 people including 3 PhD. In the full-year 2008, the turnover reached 3 158 K€.


 Expertise: Biomatlante’s expertise and know-how is based on micro macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate (MBCP®) bone substitute allowing in-depth cellular colonization and bone growth at the expense of the bioceramic (1). This product is available as blocks of different shapes, granules, non-hardening injectable version (MBCP Gel) (2), self-hardening mouldable composite with fibrin glue (TricOs™, a Baxter-Biomatlante partnership development) (3) as well as specific scaffolds for drug delivery and tissue engineering (4, 5). In addition, Biomatlante has developed composite implants which consist of a mixture of resorbable bio-polymers and calcium phosphates. These products provide an intrinsic mechanical strength which allows the development of resorbable osteosynthetic systems such as interference screws and fusion cages.

Facilities: clean rooms, X-ray diffractometer, sintering ovens, materials testing machine, injection press machine

Other European projects: REBORNE-Project No. 241879- ongoing negotiation

Role in the project: Biomatlante will contribute to the GAMBA project by:

  • optimising biphasic calcium phosphate granules as carriers for gene vectors
  • developping injectable calcium phosphate ceramics by combination with hydrosoluble polymers
  • defining packaging and sterilisation processes for the “gene delivery system”

Workpackages responsibilty: Development and optimisation of MBCP carriers for gene vectors; optimisation of processes for manufacturing
WP01, WP02, WP03, WP05, WP06, WP07 (bold = WP leader; WP = Workpackage)

Key personnel

Chantal Gobin: (F), Président. Expertise in management and sterilisation processes. She is the legal entity authorized representative.

Pascal Borget: (M), PhD, R&D project Manager. Expertise in Physical Chemistry of biomaterials (polymers, CaP). He will be the scientific manager.

Cecile Charrier: (F), Administrative manager. Expertise in accounting. She will be the financial manager.

Guy Daculsi: (M) Prof., Research director INSERM, is scientific advisor to Biomatlante.

One doctorate will eventually be hired by Biomatlante.


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Reference number

Period of validity


CNRS/University of Nantes

94 014 14

20 years from 8 february 1994




20 years from 17 november 2006

New Gel



20 years from 1 march 2007

Freeze-dried hydrogel

Specific awards and certifications: ISO 13485

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