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Workpackage 02

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Development of a biomimetic hyaluronan-based polymer as carrier of gene vectors.

WP leader: ARI (Members)

Partners involved: TUM (Members),  NUI Galway (Members), OZB (Members), BIM (Members), INRC (Members), INSERM (Members)

The aim of this WP is to develop, characterise and optimise temperature-sensitive biomimetic hyaluronan compositions to be used as injectable embedding matrices in combination with calcium phosphate ceramic and superparamagnetic nanoparticles.

These will be tested amongst others for their ability to allow spatiotemporal controlled release of gene vectors and/or encoded factors, and their biocompatibility (e.g. encapsulation of human mesenchymal stem cells hMSC). Materials will be prepared and selected for use in vitro and in animal studies.

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