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Science Dialogue (SCID)

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SCID.jpgGeneral description: Established in 2010, ScienceDialogue organizes and facilitates processes of citizen participation. The owners, Katharina Zöller, Maren Schüpphaus and Sven Siebert, have long experience in lay-expert-dialogues and cooperate with science journalists to guarantee scientific soundness and comprehensibility of the information input into the dialogues.

Website: (in German)

Expertise: SCID has profound expertise in citizen participation. Key projects: “Jugendforen Nanomedizin”, youth juries on chances, risks and ethical aspects of emerging nanomedicine for the German Federal Ministry of Science and Education (; EU-project IMPEL (Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law): Neighborhood Dialogues (in cooperation with dialog:impulse, Munich); Science et Cité, Switzerland: Round Table lakeshore planning in Thalwil/lake Zurich.

Facilities: facilitation equipment

Other European projects: none

Role in the project: SCID will contribute to the GAMBA project by:

  • Preparing the patient and citizen panels by searching background information material (scientific and lay) and composing a handbook in lay language as input for the panels
  • Searching experts as ressources in the panels (scientific, ethical experts etc.)
  • Organzing and facilitating the patient and citizen panels in Germany
  • Coaching ARI and NUI to organize panels in their countries
  • Compiling patients’ and citizens’ reports
  • Evaluating dialogues
  • Organizing and facilitating gender workshop

Workpackages responsibilty: Public outreach / linking to society, citizen / patient panels
WP08, WP09 (bold = WP leader; WP = Workpackage)

Key personnel

Katharina Zöller: Ph.D. (F), social geographer, is a communication specialist with long experience in organizing citizen participation processes. She will be leading workpackage 8. 

Maren Schüpphaus: (F), Economist, is an experienced mediator and facilitator.

Sven Siebert: (M), social geographer, has long experience in organizing and facilitating public dialogues.

Beatrice Lugger: (F), Chemist, science journalist and social media science dialogue expert.


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