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Information on the Irish Citizen Panel on osteoarthritis in Galway

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SCID.jpgInformation on the Irish Citizen Panel on osteoarthritis in Galway Irish_flag.gif

Will it be possible to regrow bones, to generate cartilage in the body and to stop joint inflammation effectively in 20 years time? What risks and ethical aspects are associated with such visions? What do patients and citizens need and want?

NUI_3.jpgThe aim of the project is that you as a citizen provide feedback at an early stage to the scientists involved in this research. Once the scientists are aware of your needs, your ideas and your concerns they can consider these in their research. As a participant you will be able to discuss your ideas with researchers and will contribute to the development of new therapy approaches.

seventh.pngFor the citizen panel we are looking for interested citizens from the Galway area, who would like to learn about research projects in the area of osteoarthritis and who would like to have their opinion heard. If you are at least 18 years old and you have four days to spare in May and June 2012 (see application form) please apply to participate by completing the application form.

The panels will introduce you to the topic of innovative basic research into osteoarthritis and – depending on your interests – to further background information on gene therapy, stem cell research and nanomedicine. All participants will get their say in the discussions on the chances, risks and the ethical and social aspects of the visionary therapy. You will be looked after by an experienced team of facilitators, who will ensure that all information is easy to understand and that the task is manageable.

The result of your endeavours will be a citizen opinion that investigates the GAMBA topics from the vantage point of interested citizens. You will draw up recommendations for the scientific world as well as for other sectors of society such as industry and politics regarding the chances, risks and ethical aspects of the novel osteoarthritis research. A patient panel has already taken place and now your opinion as an engaged citizen is needed for a well-rounded end result.

If you would like to participate in the citizen panel, please download the application form and return it to us (you can also complete the form online). We will then put together a group of about 20 people, which are selected according to criteria such as age, gender, and nationality to ensure a diverse citizen panel.

We are pleased about your interest in the citizen panel. Please apply! Deadline: May 4th 2012

Mary Murphy, Eric Farrell, Christine Ritter (NUIG team)

Paula Weir (facilitator, Dublin), Katharina Zoeller (project leader public dialogues, ScienceDialogue, Germany)


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Willkommen zu den GAMBA- Patienten- und Bürgerforen!

Abgeschlossen. Zum Bericht ... (externer Link)

Welcome to the GAMBA patient and citizen panels!

Panels completed. To report ... (external link)


Patient and Citizen Panels

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Patient and Citizen Panels in three countries

A key element of this project is the involvement of members of society into the research on innovative treatments of arthritis. We will set up a two-way dialogue at eye level between patients / citizens and leading European scientists in three European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Ireland). In the so-called patient and citizen panels (about 3 to 4 days) participants are first introduced to the field of innovative research on arthritis through expert presentations and a hearing with experts selected by the participants. In a second step, participants negotiate about this input and then compile patient-/ citizen-reports supported by independent facilitators. Therefore, the main objective of this work package is to discuss the chances, risks and ethical aspects of innovative arthritis treatments with lay people and to develop communication strategies to provide clinics, interested companies as well as the media and a broader public with balanced, professionally developed and scientifically sound information.

Two main questions will be answered by the dialogue measures:
  1. What do lay people (patients / citizens) want to know about GAMBA? What are their associations with GAMBA? What specific topics are they interested in from their special point of view as concerned patients / interested citizens?
  2. What are lay people’s recommendations to the scientific world, to regulators, industry and media regarding the chances, risks, ethical/social aspects of GAMBA?
germany.jpg The German PATIENT PANEL (held in may 2011) had 16 participants, the German CITIZEN PANEL (held in January / February 2012) 17 members who had been chosen by random selection around the site of the Klinikum Rechts der Isar in Munich. The German lay report and supporting documents could be found at


The Suiss LAY- AND PATIENT PANEL (held in June 2012) had been a common event of lay- and randomly invited people and had 11 participants.
Irish_flag.gif The Irish PATIENT PANEL (held in may 2012) had 19 participants; The CITIZEN PANEL (held in June 2012) had 10 members who had been chosen by random selection around the city of galway.

 Download Science Dialogue Gamba Summary

 Download GAMBA Lay Report


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02.05.2012   ScienceDialogue   Laien bewerten Grundlagenforschung mit Stammzellen und Gentherapie   German   Link
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May 2012   MRI News   GAMBA: Laien beraten Forscher zur Grundlagenforschung mit Stammzellen
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18.04.2012   ScienceDialogue   Spezialisten lernen von Laien: Sprecher von Patienten- und Bürgerforum übergeben GAMBA-Gutachten zu Gen- und Stammzelltherapien   German   Link
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30.01.2012   ScienceDialogue   Forschung im Bürgercheck: Bürger beraten Spitzenforscher zu Gen- und Stammzelltherapien   German   Link
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09.09.2011   ScienceDialogue   Bürgerforum verschoben - Laien können Forscher in 2012 beraten   German   Link
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08.08.2011   MRI News   Interessierte Laien gesucht: Bürgerforum im EU-Forschungsprojekt GAMBA   German   Link
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25.05.2011   ScienceDialogue   Gen- und Stammzelltherapie bei Arthrose: Patienten bewerten Grundlagenforschung   German   Link
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04.05.2011   ScienceDialogue   Premiere: Arthrose-Patienten beraten Spitzenforscher   German   Link
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22.02.2011   ScienceDialogue   "Jetzt red’ I" der Wissenschaft: Forschung im Patienten-Check   German   Link
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09.02.2011   ScienceDialogue   Experten und Laien im Dialog: Arthrose-Patienten sollen Forscher beraten   German   Link
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15.11.2010   NUI Galway News   NUI Galway Researchers take part in European Osteoarthritis Project   English   Link
29.09.2010   MRI News   Heilung und Regeneration von Arthrose, EU-Projekt der Experimentellen Onkologie entwickelt neue Methoden   German
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29.09.2010   Research in Germany
– Land of Ideas
  Nanoparticles for therapy and regeneration of osteoarthritis   English   Link

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